Stone & Marble Restoration, Polishing, Cleaning & Sealing

We brought Europe and America’s latest stone restoration technology to Australia, providing the complete range of stone rejuvenation options.

Stone & Marble Restoration, Cleaning:

Natural stone materials such as floors and bench tops can suffer stains and discolouration over time, just from the germs and pollutants of general use. All but the most extreme stains can be restored by special treatment.

Stone & Marble Polishing:

Even the best quality stone surface will become dull over time; look at any stone when expose to the elements. If you want that shiny surface that was there when the floor was new a professional polish is the answer. High quality polishing restores the reflectivity and clarity to keep the surface looking brand new.

Stone & Marble Sealing:

Sealing a stone surface is a wise decision as it prevents possible staining, allowing the stone to look its best for years to come. Internal or external stone can be treated in different ways to provide the most suitable type of protection.

Stone & Marble Finishing:

Finishing determines the final look of the stone. Super polished or faded antique looks can be achieved with the appropriate finish.

Product Selection:

With the many options available one is spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right type of stone for your house. Aesthetic choice depends on what the individual prefers for their home. Other choices depend on what the conditions the stone surface will be subjected to. Ask us, and be confident in the decision you make.

General Cleaning:

Our general cleaning team has been providing reliable, top service to five star hotels, high class restaurants, and office buildings for the past 10 years.